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Get your hands on Barry Island's little brother
3rd August 2011
island for sale
Sully Island, near Swanbridge, Vale of Glamorgan
Guide Price £95,000

Sully Island For Sale
Fancy getting your hands on a genuine pirate island, just seven miles from Cardiff? Sully Island is a small tidal island near the hamlet of Swanbridge, Vale of Glamorgan, (access to the island is on foot at low tide from the car park of the Captain's Wife public house).

It is rich with history - there is evidence that the island was frequently visited by both Romans and Vikings and there is archeological remains of a Saxon fort and a Bronze Age barrow. During the 13th century, the island was the base for "Alfredo De Marisco", a Norman pirate known locally as "The Night Hawk" and in the Middle Ages the island was well known for its involvement in the local smuggling trade.

Sully Island is classified by CCW as a Site of Special Scientific Interest, being considered one of the most important assets in Wales’ environmental heritage. The island comprises about 5.95 hectares (14.69 acres), and offers spectacular panoramic views over the Bristol Channel, from the Severn Bridge in the east to the hills of Devon in the west and it is home to an abundance of species of birdlife and fauna, and a highly regarded fishing spot.

It may not be possible to build a house on the island - prospective purchasers must conduct and rely upon their own planning and other enquires if any form of development or change of use is contemplated but as a sweetener, it is believed that whoever owns the island retains the right to commission their very own postage stamps!

Selling Agents: Cooke and Arkwright
Tel: 01656 644642

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