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Be part of a self-sustaining, carbon-neutral community
2nd of December 2013
carbon neutral new town
Owenstown, South Lanarkshire
To be announced

Owenstown - Eco Friendly Village
Owenstown is a proposed, eco-friendly, community-owned town which if planning goes through, will be built on a 2,000 acre site in South Lanarkshire.

The town is named after Robert Owen, a famous social reformer who created the nearby 18th century settlement of New Lanark, a groundbreaking village built on the principles of improving the living and working conditions of its residents.

Owenstown will be a modern interpretation of New Lanark and will be planned carefully to be largely self sufficient. Owned and managed by a co-operative of its citizens, it will be constructed to high environmental standards with renewable energy and will eventually become carbon-zero.

If approved, the project will take up to 10 years to complete and could be the blueprint for similar projects in the UK.

More details: Owenstown
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